V3 Sports Raising 40 Mill. To Bring Olympic Size Swimming Pool to N. Minneapolis!

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                    Planning is taking place by: V3 Sports to build a state of the art training facility in North Minneapolis, an underprivileged neighborhood in Minnesota. The organization is currently raising 40 million dollars to make this possible and has raised 15 percent of 40 million dollars at this time. V3 Sports was established in 2007 to promote health and wellness for young people through a triathlon program. The organization predominantly works with youth in North Minneapolis and teaches them skills like team work and goal setting. The proposed compound in North Minneapolis will feature a 50 meter Olympic size swimming pool, a training and conditioning space, and a 200 meter track. I sat down with the founder of V3 sports, a board member, and her daughter, who participated in the triathlon program before attending the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. Listen Now  to have a deeper understanding of the story.

LOCATION FOR FACILITY: 701 Plymouth Ave. North, Minneapolis, MN

NOTE: V3 sports will bring in  Olympic swimmer: Cullen Jones, on September 16th to The University of Minnesota in an effort to help teach 300 kids how to swim. To get registered V3 Sports can be contacted at: info@v3sports.org

v3 kids and trainor
Photo from V3 Sports

Founder of V3 Explains Impact of Healthy Living

I grew up with both of my parents being very active. My dad would run every morning and my mom would walk, and she doesn’t consider herself an athlete, but she laid that foundation for us about the importance of really just exercising and eating well. We had a garden so she fed us organic food pretty much all the time and I think just having that be part of my upbringing and lifestyle it wasn’t something that was foreign to me, but I understand the importance of it because my family’s been very healthy and I think it had a lot to do with just getting exercise and being outside, and that’s something that we really wanted to be intentional about with our athletes is, get outside and move.” – Erika Binger- Founder of V3 Sports


v3 sports
Photo from V3 Sports

V3 Board Member Explains V3’s Community Impact

As a mother and as a board member I’m very excited about V3. Our family’s experience with V3 has been the community building and being able to have that family- it was really like a family for us- so it was just me and Briaunna and I raised her alone and so being able to have the opportunity to have that extended family was very important. I think it impacted Brianna a lot. I think that her leadership and her ability to just connect with people and build networks has been very beneficial. She went off to college and now she’s off at med school and a lot of those opportunities unfolded as she navigated and so I think V3 was one of those starting places for us in terms of really learning the importance and the value of having community and leveraging that community to raise our children and to help them to learn some of the things that are going to help them to be healthy adults and so I think she took a lot of that away with her as well in terms of exercise, as well as eating.”-Tamera Irwin- V3 Board Member/Parent of former V3 Athlete


v3 kids
Photo from V3 Sports

Former V3 Athlete Explains V3’s Impact

I would say that v3 was very beneficial for me, I spent a lot of time with the different athletes on the team and we really grew into a family and it really helped me with a sense of community building that I think I’ve carried with me into my adulthood and into I guess I would say practicing medicine now, or learning how to practice medicine, rather. Just the importance of building community and even though we each ran the races individually, just doing that in team settings I think was really important for me and my growth and development. At a very early age I started out on the north Minneapolis Y swim team and so I did swimming for some time and then that transitioned into triathlon with the start of the V3 sports team. But, I did track and field in highs school but after that I stopped, to be honest, and didn’t really continue on with any sort of athletics in college, but I’m back at the gym now and I’m working out and I’m making that more apart of my life and I would say that a lot of that has to do with some of the discipline that I came to know during my time on the triathlon team.” -Briaunna Minor -Former V3 Athlete

v3 pink picture
Photo from V3 Sports



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