Fruits That Kill


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Please note: The FDA prohibits the use of advertising and selling of Annona Muricata as a cancer treatment.

                    ANNONA MURICATA, commonly referred to as sour sop, or graviola, is more than a tropical fruit. Annona Muricata is the scientific name of the fruit, and you are probably wondering what it is about this fruit that is spectacular, other than the fact that you can find it in tropical regions: in Sierra Leone. Annona Muricata could help fight cancer, according to: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. If you have a loved one that is a warrior of cancer, please note that Annona Muricata is not yet scientifically proven to fight this battle! Annona Muricata is grown from a tree. Reports show that the bark, leaf, stem, root, and fruit seed extracts, found in the fruit, are anti-bacterial and contain antioxidants that may help fight cancer cells. All parts of the tree can be used medicinally, according to: Beat Cancer.  However, it is the leaves of the fruit, containing acetogenin, that may help fight cancer cells, according to reports.

                    Experimental studies imply that phytochemicals (biologically active compounds found in plants) like acetogenins, contain anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that can stop tumor initiation, promotion, and progression, according to the journal. Using natural products to fight cancer has its trace in history. Many cancer warriors use herbal medicines to help fight the battle. Annona Muricata has been used as a herbal medicine to aid conditions: asthma, headaches, fevers, upset stomachs, skin conditions, and hypertension. There have been no experimental studies conducted on humans (in vivo studies) to prove whether the fruit is a cancer fighting agent. However, there have been tests done on animals, like mice, that have given insightful results. A study suggests that phytochemicals in the fruit, specifically acetogenins, may be the active ingredient in Annona Muricata that kills cancer cells, according to the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention.

                    In 1977, test tube studies conducted by researchers at Purdue University, found that acetogenins found in Annona Muricata had an ability to inhibit cancer cells, and left healthy cells untouched, according to: Cancer Defeated. This study shows that plant chemicals in the fruit can attach themselves to tumor cells, prohibiting them from reproducing. This means that the acetogenins wipe out cancer cells. Critics of this study suggest that it is not legitimate because there have not been studies done on humans (in vivo studies).


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