Meet the Editor in Chief


Satta Kendor


                    Satta Kendor earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Journalism and Political Science from Northern Illinois University in 2013. In college Kendor worked for her  school newspaper for three years where she served in various roles: as a news reporter and videographer. Kendor covered events ranging from government affairs: Illinois’s government shutdown and how that impacted students that were eligible to receive the Monetary Award Program Grant, to entertainment: WE Day Illinois in 2015, where she interviewed high profile celebrities that were there to honor youth leaders. During Kendor’s last year in college she worked with a small team at her college television center, the only television center in the county, to form ideas concerning the production of a new political segment that was ultimately added to the newscast. Kendor’s role with the segment  was impactful. She named the segment, and was the first anchor for the segment, and worked with an amazing team of peer and senior leaders.  Kendor became the producer of the segment the following semester. Getting a spot as the anchor or producer of that segment is important for aspiring anchors and producers. 

                    After college Kendor found her way working as a freelance reporter for a local newspaper agency in Minnesota. During her transition from college to work life or “real life” Kendor had to figure out her next career move. Although it was far from easy, as she faced many trials, tribulations, and intrudent restrictions to her success, Kendor decided that she was not a force to be reckoned with and learned very well from her trials, tribulations, and intrudent restrictions. Ultimately, her trials and tribulations led her to  Liberty and Justice, a platform of innovative news and upcoming authorship.

                    Kendor’s early life is a whirlwind of a story. After fleeing war torn Liberia as a refugee she came to the states at the young age of three. Kendor was eventually sent to a boarding school in Illinois at the tender age of seven and graduated from that school in 2013. It is an understatement to say that Kendor is a tough cookie, with a drive for excellence, and a passion for journalism.  In her free time Kendor enjoys singing, writing, meeting new people, as well as volunteering her time at local media outlets and humanitarian shelters. Kendor one day plans to build wells and homes for the needy throughout the entire world.